Investigation team to summon bishop for interrogation

Kottayam: The investigation team probing the alleged sexual abuse of a nun by a Catholic bishop will be summoning bishop Franco Mulakkal of the Jalandhar diocese to Kerala for interrogation. The bishop will be served notice in this regard this soon.

The decision came after the police team confirmed that as per the visitors’ book in the convent, the bishop stayed in the convent in the days as alleged in the complaint filed by the nun. The notice will be served only after recording the statement of the nun under Section 164 in the Code of Criminal Procedure. The chief judicial magistrate court in Kottayam considered the application of the police regarding this on Monday and assigned the Changanassery judicial magistrate to record the statement.

Meanwhile, the investigation team under Vaikom Deputy Superindent of Police, K Subash took the statement of other nuns residing in the convent. The team met four of the nuns and the statement of the remaining two will be recorded in the coming days. According to Subash, the four nuns whom the police spoke had knowledge about the alleged abuse from what the survivor had told them. She had also given the complaint to various church heads, including the cardinal, with the knowledge of these four nuns.

The complaint of the bishop is also being probed  along with the nun’s complaint. Based on the bishop’s complaint, police recorded the statement of one person.



source: Times of India

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6 thoughts on “Investigation team to summon bishop for interrogation

  1. I am very much thinking with the thought of Savita….most of the nuns who speaks about woman empowerment are opertunites and victims of child abuse… May be they are working for psychological reasons to react their personal problem to all men or clerics of patriarchal society. In real social need they have no guts to come up…
    Unfortunate that late bishop symbhorian keparath assigned the formation of the new congregation to SABS of Jalandhar with a big expectation to produce adoration sisters…. But he was cheated and abused by then superiors, the formetors… The new congregation young woman was taught to behave like this in the future too. Now Bp mulackan is not only privileged to be bishop of Jalandhar but victim of the wrong formation of the diocesan sisters… It seems in 19 countries the bishops are directly and indirectly cheated by this said congregation… No effect is immediate… But a long history behind it… Who will find the truth…and the game behind all this… Bishop in jail will suffer… For the sake of unknown persons long running cruelty…

  2. If Rev Fr Subhash Anand knows for certain, then whatever information he has on sexual abuse of nuns, he may pass it on to the appropriate police authorities.

  3. There are a few feminist nun Advocates who run NGOs, claiming to be working for ‘Women Empowerment’. In the instant case, the hapless and powerless nun is allegedly raped by a Bishop over a long period of time. The survivor nun is reported to have approached Church hierarchy, Cardinal Alencherry, but he is said to remain silent citing jurisdictional reasons. Under such circumstances, it is the duty of the feminist nun Advocates and their women empowerment NGOs to come to the assistance of the helpless survivor nun. It has been observed that in matrimonial disputes, these feminist nun Advocates harass Christian husband and his aged parents by filing false cases in Court and extorting huge amounts from them as alimony. Strangely, these feminist nun Advocates even take side of the brides whom Ecclesiastical Tribunal has declared at fault while pronouncing their wedding as null and void. Why the feminist Nun Advocates and their NGOs are silent now? Their double standard hurts the laity and the same needs to be exposed.

  4. Our religious feelings are deeply hurt by the acts of the Bishop and the nun. The law will take its own course, but who will heal our wounded hearts?

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