Kerala: Another church priest booked for rape

A rape case against a priest belonging to the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church has been filed in Kayamkulam in Alappuzha district of Kerala.

The complainant, a married woman of two children, alleges that the priest in question, Binu George who was in the Mavelikara diocese of the church at the time, raped her inside the church office in Koipally in 2014 after calling her to solve a family matter. “They spoke for about half-an-hour regarding the family dispute. Then he closed doors and sexually assaulted her,” said a crime branch officer in charge of the investigation.

Police say that the victim approached the church after the incident to post a formal complaint against the priest. After several consultations, he was reportedly transferred to another church in Ranni in another district. But the priest reportedly continued harassing the victim by sending her lewd messages and spreading rumours about her, said the officer.

A case of rape under section 376 (2f) of the IPC has been charged against Fr George and will be investigated by the crime branch of the Kerala Police. It is not clear whether the accused priest is still based in Ranni.

The case comes just weeks after another married woman accused four priests belonging to different dioceses of the Orthodox church in Kerala for blackmailing her over a ‘confession’ she made in church and sexually assaulting her over the years. The priests have been booked for rape by the crime branch. The woman’s husband, in an interview to the Indian Express, said he wants the accused priests to be defrocked so that they are made an example of before the community.



source: Indian Express

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5 thoughts on “Kerala: Another church priest booked for rape

  1. The so called ” Spiritual Fathers” are raping the believers, if proven true, what a terrible tragedy of the time?

    Why Binu George while under severe allegation of rape was transferred to Ranny? This seems like the tip of the iceberg.

    Let the believers get the real truth about the confession mantra now.

  2. Whatever may be the difference of opinion among us concerning the issue that has gone viral, nothing and no one should be allowed to denigrate the Sacrament per se. Or else, we’ll be throwing the baby out with the bath-water.
    Frankly, what is urgently needed is a deepening of our faith by way of a serious effort to understand and live the Faith the way Christ wants us to.

  3. Now rape has become a daily news. So it’s importance may dwindle. When small children ask what is rape, the Govt. should direct them to the social science book of KG class

  4. Another 4 year old case emerging. Is this vendetta or victims emboldened by reading about other victims, their ME TOO moment.

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