Withdraw Mother Teresa’s Bharat Ratna: RSS

New Delhi: An RSS leader and a senior BJP leader Thursday slammed the late Mother Teresa over the recent reports of a baby-selling racket being run in the Missionaries of Charity in Ranchi. This came after the West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee said the Mother Teresa-founded charity was being “maliciously targeted” and “maligned”.

Rajiv Tuli, the Delhi RSS prachar pramukh, told India Today that the Bharat Ratna conferred to Mother Teresa for her charity work should be taken away if the allegations against the Missionaries of Charity are proven to be true.

“Indian citizens wouldn’t want the the honour of Bharat Ratna to be tainted,” said Tuli. “In 1980, Mother Teresa was given the Bharat Ratna. Even then allegations were being made, and they are being made now as well. If they are proved to be true, we should rethink Mother Teresa’s Bharat Ratna.”

Tuli further added that Mother Teresa, who was granted sainthood by the Vatican last year, “never worked for people’s welfare”, and that religious conversion was her agenda.

Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has backed Tuli’s comments.

“I 100 per cent support it,” Swamy said about Tuli’s comments while speaking to India Today, calling Mother Teresa’s work “a cover”.

Swamy also referred to British author Christopher Hitchens’s book (The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice) and how it “documented all the fraud she’s done”.

“If you have got multiple examples of criminality by Mother Teresa, why should she be a person who is celebrated as a Nobel laureate?” Swamy added.

Earlier today, West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee stepped in to stick up for the Mother Teresa-founded NGO. In a tweet, Mamata today wrote that “malicious attempts” are being made to “malign” the names of Missionaries of Charity Sisters.

Reacting to Mamata’s comment, Swamy said, “If Mamata Banerjee wants to have a debate, I’m ready… I can produce facts…”

Mamata’s comments came after allegations of a child being sold for Rs 1.2 lakh at the Missionaries of Charity blew the lid off the scandal. A couple approached the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) in Ranchi with claims that staffers at the charity, after taking Rs 1.2 lakh for a 14-day infant, took away the child from them.

The allegations led the CWC and the Jharkhand government to launch a probe against the Missionary of Charity in Ranchi.

In 2014, a former CWC chairperson named Om Prakash Singh had raised an alarm about claims of child-trafficking at the Missionaries of Charity in Ranchi.

“I received information about child trafficking at Missionaries of Charity. I informed social welfare. We couldn’t complete our probe. We were told no officer had come for investigation,” said Singh.

Singh claims that the office bearer at the MOC branch never came for examinations. He added that the sisters at the charity too did not cooperate with the probe and that he was eventually shunted.

What Singh claimed four years ago has now attracted attention. Two nuns and a woman employee of Ranchi’s MOC are now in police custody for their alleged role in child-trafficking.

Jharkhand DGP, on Wednesday, wrote to the home secretary to freeze the bank accounts of the Missionaries of Charity. The move comes days after it was found that around five organisations operating under it were allegedly receiving crores of money as foreign funds.

The Centre is likely to probe the funds that have been received by the charitable organisation. If the funds turn out to be over a crore, the CBI might join the investigation.

Meanwhile, the Jharkhand child rights body has shifted over 20 children who were sheltered at two MOC centres. Police are also probing to trace the legal custodian of these children.

(India Today)

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2 thoughts on “Withdraw Mother Teresa’s Bharat Ratna: RSS

  1. Holy fools those RSS and BJP crackpots! Conversion! Cover up! Hidden agenda! – What crap those nerds are capable of dishing up! Just how many conversions did Mother gain for the Church? The rate at which such allegations are being hurled at the Saint of the gutters, by now ALL of India should have been Christian!

  2. The RSS does not believe in logic. Subramaniam Swamy is a maverick, but the party in power uses them to set their agenda.
    On the other hand the Missionaries of Charity also need to learn the norms of social welfare. In the name of Mother Teresa they cannot just do what they think is right. They need proper training. As the adage goes “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”!

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