Clear conscience secret of happiness: Catholic priest

By C V Joseph

Bengaluru: Lead an active life for God bringing succor to the needy and helpless, a senior priest of Bangalore archdiocese said.

Those mentally retired cannot serve others, alleviate and mitigate their pain and suffering. It is always better to be active doing something useful for oneself and for others, said Monsignor S Jayanathan, vicar general, who was the chief celebrant at the parish feast of Don Bosco Church, Lingarajapuram on August 19.

“I sleep well if my conscience is clear. Go to sleep with peaceful mind without worries,” said Monsignor Jayanathan, who also heads the St. Germain’s Group of institutions, quoting Mahatma Gandhi.

It is possible to sleep well if gone to bed mentally satisfied from the activities of the day. He urged all present to relish the Joy of serving the destitute and deprived. He said happiness is expressed in our actions and behavior. One should think of death above all things in life as a climax of the day prior to sleep.

Qualified from the US in Communication and Journalism, the Catholic priest has served as the director of Archdiocesan Communication Centre for several years. He has advocated people to be happy and contented in the family despite differences

Monsignor Jayanathan, speaking in Kannada, Tamil and English languages, stressed the importance of keeping good relationships among family members.

He recalled asking a 100-year-old woman recently the secret of her long innings. “Moderation in eating.” She recommended to eat less and work more, or else the food one takes one third goes to body and two third for doctor.

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