Jesuit college campaigns for plastic ban

A Patna newspaper started the campaign for total ban on the use of plastic carry bags in Bihar

By Matters India Reporter

Patna: A Jesuit in Patna has joined a campaign to ban the use of polythene carry bags in the eastern Indian state of Bihar.

The environmental club of St Xavier’s Colleges, “Eco Mitr,” on August 29 decided to conduct poster campaigns to spread awareness about the dangers of using polythene and appoint campaign ambassadors to talk to students seen carrying or throwing polythene bags in the garbage bins.

As part of its ‘Save Energy’ initiative, the club decided to crowd fund replacing the incandescent and CFL bulbs across the campus with LED bulbs. The club also decided to present teachers with small potted plants as gifts on the Teacher’s Day.

The campaign, “Completely Ban Polythene,” was initiated by the Hindi national newspaper, Prabhat Khabar, (morning news). It aims at complete ban on the use of polythene carry bags in Bihar.

The ‘Eco-Mitr’ club appreciated the newspaper’s initiative and invited one its campaign manager to help the college run a similar program in the campus.

Representatives of Prabhat Khabar’s educated the club members about the harms done to the environment by using polythene bags and helped them devise strategies for spreading awareness among the students. They also persuaded students not to use polythene in their daily lives.

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