Kandhamal remembrance week to be observed

By Matters India Reporter

Bhubaneswar: As tenth year anniversary of the anti-Christian violence in Kandhamal (2008), Odisha, approaches, “Kandhamal Remembrance Week” is being observed from August 26 to September 2 in prayer across the country.

“It is remembering victims of targeted hate and mass violence,” said John Dayal, human rights activist, who has been making a critique of Kandhamal violence narrative.

On August 28, around 10,000 people, mainly from the affected villages of Kandhamal will be gathering in Kandhamal to mark the 10th year of the violence. Kandhamal Day in Bhubaneswar, state capital will be observed on August 29, while all over the country and abroad, it will be observed on August 25.

Violence against the Christians of Odisha erupted in Kandhamal District with untold savagery, ‎with ‎Hindu ‎extremists blaming Christians for the August 23, 2008 murder of Hindu ‎leader ‎Swami ‎Lakshmanananda Saraswati, despite Maoist rebels claiming the assassination. Some 100 ‎Christians were killed and about 395 churches and 6,500 Christian houses were destroyed.

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  1. It is good that John Dayal and others are organising this remembrance. The lessons, and more importantly, the sacrifices, of Kandhamal should not be forgotten.

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