More nuns come forward with allegations against Jalandhar bishop

Three more nuns have come forward with allegations against Jalandhar Bishop

Kottayam: Allegations of rape against Bishop Franco Mulakkal of Jalandhar have taken a new turn after three more nuns accused him of sexually harassing them.

One of the nuns said that the bishop approached her with malicious intentions and even touched her inappropriately. The nun’s allegations were seconded by two others who claimed that the bishop took undue advantage of his position and even hugged them forcefully on multiple occasions.

The nun said that the bishop had forcefully hugged her and he was in the habit of behaving in a sexually inclined manner. She has also stated that two other nuns had left the order due to the bishop’s indecent behavior.

Two nuns gave statements to the investigation team that they had to leave the convent because of the misbehavior of bishop. “He has hugged us and used to talk in a inappropriate manner,” they said.

The investigation team have recorded the statement of Bishop Kurien Valiakandathil of Bhagalpur in connection with the case. It was done on the basis of the nun’s statement that she had revealed to the Bhagalpur bishop about the sexual misconduct of Jalandhar bishop.

Meanwhile, the relatives of the nun who lodged the sexual abuse case against the bishop plan to go to the High Court on September 7 in protest over the delay in arresting the bishop. They had earlier come up with allegations that the arrest is delayed due to the intervention of higher authorities.

At present, a special investigative team (SIT) is probing allegations of sexual assault against the bishop leveled by a nun earlier this year. Just this month, the nun who had initially accused the bishop, told media that she feared for her life.

Reports suggest that the SIT is slated to hold a high-level meeting in Kottayam. They are expected to send a notice to the accused bishop asking him to appear before them. Bishop Mulakkal is currently in Jalandhar.

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3 thoughts on “More nuns come forward with allegations against Jalandhar bishop

  1. If I have to sink let the whole ship sink with me seems to be the attitude of Bp Franco. If the Shepherds are bent on destroying the church who can stop it. Police is assisting the guilty in this process. The church is in a real crisis. Christ the good Shepherd, do come to the aid the sheep.

  2. This is sickening and the silence/ inaction of the Nuncio and CBCI is assuming scandalous proportions. If this bishop has a modicum of decency and humility he should gracefully resign pending the enquiry.

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