NCW summons MLA for abusive language against Kerala nun

Thiruvananthapuram: The National Commission for Women issued summons to independent lawmaker P.C.George for his disagreeable comments against a Kerala nun who accused Jalandhar Bishop Franco Mulakkal of raping her.

The loose-lipped Poonjar MLA in a recent press conference referred to the complainant as a ‘prostitute.’
Following this, the National Commission for Women on September 10 required George to present himself before the commission at 11.30 a.m on September 20. The commission asked him to provide an explanation for making such statements he made against the victim.

The commission said it seriously condemns such objectionable and derogatory statements made by a person who occupies a responsible position in the society.

The commission chairperson Rekha Sharma earlier slammed George saying such an incident is shameful. She reportedly demanded strict action against George.
However, after portraying the victim as a woman with loose morals, George continued his tirade against the victim portraying her as blameworthy in the case. He also challenged the women’s commission to take action against him.

The Kerala High court meanwhile sought the state government to furnish information on the action taken following the rape complaint lodged by the nun. While dealing with petitions relating to the case the court further sought the government regarding the measures taken by it to extend protection to the victim. The government has been reportedly asked to furnish the information next Thursday, sources said.

While a group of nuns belonging to the Missionaries of Jesus continued their protest in Kochi demanding the arrest of the rape accused bishop, the Mother General Sr Rejina and three councillors of Missionaries of Jesus issued a fresh statement saying that vested interests were behind the charges levelled against the bishop. The allegation against the bishop is concocted, it said.

A 44-year-old nun at Kuravilangad near Kottayam has accused Franco Mulakkal of raping her on several occasions between 2014 and 2016. Although she lodged a police complaint in this regard on June 27, the police failed to make much progress in the case against the bishop.

source: Mumbai Mirror

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5 thoughts on “NCW summons MLA for abusive language against Kerala nun

  1. People who search for truth must recognise, it is not a gender issue… It is corruption in catholic valuable possition. It is a game of money, power, misuse of electronic media…. Unfortunately P.C is dragged into it…

  2. The women of Kerala are globally admired specially due to nurse born from this God’s own country… Any planning commission in medical field globally opt Malayalee nurses or Philippians. But it does not mean All the women in God’s own country are angels and vulnerable section of the society we should fight for them…
    Kerala nuns and lady teachers are not globally admired, though they are huge in number with exceptions.
    The National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences found 50 out of 100 Kerala present adults(women) are victims of child abuse… Many are buest out due to its panic experience from their own family, and close knit circle…like neibourhood, education institutions, religious circle etc….where the involvement of children is high….
    Unfortunately woman commission is very irritated unknowingly the truth of their own problem… Really sorry about the pathetic group of Kerala woman…. Please leave a good and strong Christian fellow from Kerala….

  3. I am from Kerala. Mr.P.C… Use this kind of thrashing statements with people in high power moving with vested interest… Even ruling party, opposition party and different religious Spokespersons mind his words as he is called Aashan…(Trainer/true teacher). people of poojar love and support him so much….
    He is also a catholic strong representative from Kerala… Earlier Mr.Mani from Palai… But he was pressed down by the hidden politics of cpi/cpm and Sanga parivar….and lack of coordination of the church personals in politics…
    PC is talking local wisdom (he is a married man, he knows the topic well and the persons in issue personally) supposed to come from a jury. The said nuns are not vulnerable victims…extra ordinarily these woman in. Dharuna hold power… It is notable from challenging Aashan of kerala….from various commissions… It doesn’t mean in Kerala they are the only suffering women…
    Please. Don’t be miss led by Kerala women,

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