Nun alleges death threats by Jalandhar Bishop

Kottayam: In the latest development in the Kerala Church rape case, the nun who accused Jalandhar Bishop Franco Mulakkal of raping her on multiple occasions has now alleged the bishop of death threats in a complaint registered with the police on Aug 29. Allegedly, her two-wheeler’s brakes were damaged by one of her staff as per the instructions of the bishop, she told the Deputy Superintendent (DSP) in a recorded statement.

She further alleged that her life was put at risk. As per reports, she added that the brother of a priest close to the bishop asked to be informed whenever she or any other nun ventures out of the convent. The brother reportedly asked Pintu, her help, to loosen the valve tubes of her two-wheeler and damage its brakes.

The nun also alleged that the same man has threatened her sister in Kalady. The man had reportedly visited the convent in order to meet Pintu on several occasions and had also been trying to reach out to him over the phone.

In the meantime, the investigation team will be holding a high-level meeting in Kottayam . Inspector General Vijay Sakhare is also anticipated to be present at the meeting.

The meeting would be taking place in order to decide whether or not the bishop will have to be called for to Kerala for deeper investigation and interrogation. The main accused, Franco Mulakkal has faced allegations of bribing the nuns and threatening those supporting the victim.

Meanwhile, Fr. James Erthayil  attached to the Kanjirappallly diocese of Carmelites of Mary Immaculate  has admitted that he had tried to settle the issue with the nun who raised the allegation. The bishop contacted me through Kothamangalam native Shobi George and the nun was promised that a 10-acre land and a convent would be granted if she withdrew the complaint, Fr. Erthayil said in the statement.

I have no direct contact with Bishop Franco Mulakkal but I was acquainted with Shobi George, who had close connections with the Jalandhar diocese, Fr. Erthayil said. The investigation team will record the statement of Shobi George in the coming days.

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  1. We object to anti-conversion laws that decry threats and inducement, but it all seems to be happening here. The needle of suspicion now points more and more towards the bishop. Absolutely disgusting.

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