Nun rape: Christian women decry hierarchy’s silence

ICWM questions the credibility of the hierarchy

By Matters India Reporter

New Delhi: The Indian Christian Women’s movement (ICWM), a national ecumenical movement, has demanded action against Bishop Franco Mulakkal of Jalandhar, accused of raping a nun repeatedly over a period of two years.

The movement expressed solidarity with the public protest, now underway in Kochi, Kerala, against police inaction in following up on the evidence against him. ICWM commended the courageous action of the five nuns in joining the protest for justice.

The ecumenical group condemned the police laxity in the probe against the bishop and their inaction against him, “despite the testimonies of the survivor and others from her congregation.”

“The ICWM expresses its anger, pain and shame at the silence of the Catholic hierarchy and their refusal to make the accused step down from office while the police investigation is ongoing. ICWM questions the credibility of the hierarchy in promoting a policy to address sexual harassment in the Church when it has failed to institute an ecclesiastical enquiry against an accused bishop,” a statement from the movement says.

It also expressed outrage at the religio-political nexus in Kerala “which is serving to safeguard the criminal, and the way the resources of the Church are being used to protect the accused and divert the course of the police investigation.”

The ICWM demanded the immediate sacking of P C George an independent legislator of Kerala who made an outright derogatory and misogynistic remark in a press conference, openly shaming the rape survivor by labeling her a prostitute, misnaming the rape as an act of pleasure and questioning the right of the raped nun to call the rape a rape.

“The ICWM condemns the impunity with which the said MLA later asserted to a news anchor that he stands by what he had said about the rape survivor,” adds the statement signed by its national president Kochurani Abraham, national secretary Jessica Prakash Richard, and national team members Aruna Gnanadason, Astrid Lobo Gajiwala and Noella D’Souza.

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8 thoughts on “Nun rape: Christian women decry hierarchy’s silence

  1. As per online ‘Times of India’ report, the Bishop has only handed over the charge to Fr Matthew for administration of the Diocese in his absence, as is usual practice. The Bishop does not seem to have stepped down.

  2. NDTV has just reported that the bishop has “stepped down”. He claims that that there are “contradictions” in the police report! Such an argument can be made by a defence lawyer, not an accused. Congratulations to all who have relentlessly pursued the case. May justice be done to all concerned.

  3. Some misandrist women organizations, while dealing with matrimonial disputes, persecute innocent husband and his aged parents by filing false cases in courts. This should stop otherwise women organizations would also lose their credibility.

  4. The high court has expressed its satisfaction at the pace and direction of the investigation. Why should I believe that only what the women tell is the truth.

  5. Philip should also know that even in an “open” society like America sexual complaints have taken years to surface. Why is he persisting in defending the indefensible?

  6. I don’t like getting into a public spat. A.J Philip is the one who wrote a lead article in Indian Currents calling the victims the villains of the piece. He got all round flak for it. He hasn’t learnt his lessons, not unlike Mullackal.

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