Meet the 11-year-old Telangana boy who teaches engineers

New Delhi: A class 7 student in Hyderabad is giving professors a run for their money as he is giving “design and drafting” lessons to civil, mechanical and electrical engineering students. The child prodigy, who learns designing on the internet, teaches for free to save the engineers from doing “odd jobs in foreign countries”.
“I was watching a video on the internet about Indians doing odd jobs in foreign countries even after studying. That is when it struck my mind that what is it that our engineers lack? I realised it is primarily technical and communication skills that they are not well aware of. Since my area of interest is designing, I started learning and teaching the same,” he elaborated.

In the morning, he is like a common 11 year old going to school. He comes back, completes his homework, goes out to play, and at 6 pm every evening, he takes up the role of a tutor, teaching graduation and post-graduation engineering students who are more than twice his age.

“I have been doing this since last year. I go to school in the morning and I am back home by 3 pm. I play and do my homework. By 6 pm, I go to the coaching institute to teach civil, mechanical and electrical engineers,” he said.

His students are all praise for their young teacher. Civil Engineer G Sushma says,” I have been coming here for a month-and-a half to learn civil software. He is younger to all of us here but manages to teach quite well. His skills are good and what he teaches is easy to comprehend,” she said.

Sai Revthi, another student at his institute says, “I am an M.Tech graduate and have been here for a month. He (Hassan) teaches many courses. He is good at his job.”

(Source: ndtv)

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