Nun’s brother slams bishop for accepting rose petal welcome

New Delhi, Oct 18, 2018: The brother of the Kerala nun who has accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal of repeatedly raping her on October 18 strongly objected to the way the prelate was welcomed in Jalandhar.

The prelate’s supporters showered him with rose petals and garlanded when he reached Jalandhar on October 17, a day after he was released on conditional bail from a jail in Kerala.

He said the bishop should be “ashamed of himself” for the kind of reception he was accorded yesterday as he is a “religious figure.”

“Court granted him bail, but he is not innocent,” the nun’s brother said. “He should be ashamed of himself. He seems to be unapologetic,” he told news agency ANI.

Bishop Mulakkal was seen smiling as his followers threw rose petals on him. Mulakkal, 54, was arrested on September 21 after three days of questioning and amid protests over the sexual assault allegations by the nun.

The Kerala High Court on October 15 granted him conditional bail.

“The prayers of the people of Punjab supported me. I believe that they will pray for me even in the days to come. I thank everyone. Investigation is underway and I am co-operating. I’m a law abiding citizen and I trust the legal system of the country,” the bishop told reporters in Jalandhar.

In her complaint in June, the nun had alleged that she was sexually abused by Bishop Mulakkal 13 times between 2014 and 2016 during his visits to a convent in Kottayam.

The nun had said she approached the police as church authorities did not act on her repeated complaints against the clergyman. However, the bishop has denied the charges.


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7 thoughts on “Nun’s brother slams bishop for accepting rose petal welcome

  1. Aaaw the brother 🙂 Brother-priest? Are there not two? Are they BOTH innocent? Totally GOOD to throw “a stone” at (Bishop) Fr Franco Mulakkal? Should they not be grateful instead, that he has taken on suffering for their “virtues” also? Must I say “family’s virtues” – sister and brothers and all? How can I throw such stones either, most sinful me?! 🙂 Na? We have only to go by reason and what has been made visible so far, Na? So let us take it step by step…

    WHY is this brother saying that his sister is “raped”? Because his sister told him so? When? 1st or last or when it was most convenient for “the cause”? Yup, OK, as a brother, is understandable for him to trust his sister, although her truth is yet to be fully validated, Na? Just as by our Indian Law that has yet to decide the case as rape based on THE TRUTH, Na?

    Ha, BUT the Law court had arrested him! Based on what she had said… and based on the potency test. Na? Well, if this brother went through potency test, he will also be proved potent, Na? Any male, regardless of whether he is priest or not, will be potent (unless he truly is impotent because of some other health factors) and so will prove positive…

    OK, so there were other “evidences”… like that register that had entries of his visit, which did not completely tally anyways? Besides, “the rape” incidents took place in a Convent, is it not? Whether in a “guest house” or in a “cubicle”, is not a Convent a “pin-drop-silence” place? I have stayed in Convents during projects, so I can attest that IF a sister coughed anywhere on that floor, I will know 🙂 Unless it is a mighty large school kind of situation – end to end across! A rape involves much struggle, so IF there was NO noise, then the whole incident/s must’ve been consensual, Na? IF that ever happened that is… BUT then won’t even THAT be heard in a silent Convent? (OUCH!) 🙂

    OK, so the “other sisters” KNEW of “the rape” incidents (because they heard THOSE noises maybe or saw her ‘after’ maybe?)… and THAT was why they were there protesting, maybe? So what where they doing for two years? As far as I know Convents can reject a priest’s stay with them, they can reject any guest who they believe is NOT trustworthy or is potentially harmful etc. So then how did ALL those sisters ALLOW something they KNEW is wrong? They enjoyed the sound of it and looked forward to it, is it? Or did they ALL absolve themselves during Holy Mass – mass confession? Mass silence?

    From what I am aware of, people love this priest because of his many virtues, not because he is being projected as some “heavy weight” by those in trouble! Many are aware that he is a Guru who enjoys Christ’s spirituality and passionately proclaims it whenever wherever he can, Na? I have been speaking with people – laity and religious – AFTER some of these developments and their responses have been the same… am talking of those who KNOW him or have interacted with him. They have shared shock and sadness, with each one praying for his innocence to be proved ASAP! As is “normal” there will always be those who can be great Pontius Pilots in washing their hands off, such situations, Na? 🙂 Just as there will be those who prefer Barabbas to Lord Jesus, as in prefer lies painted instead of The Truth? IF there EVER was something consensual, then he must’ve been the Vishwamitra who required much more than a Menaka (stating as per mythology only) to sway him even once, forget 13 times over!! He is filled with graces of wisdom and knowledge, a great teacher and empathetic Leader when it came to social causes… why would he not be loved by many? Why would not those who were praying for him be relieved somewhat?

    On the other hand, even as per this NEWS report, IF the complaining Sr was NOT accepted as true by “Church authorities” why must it be so difficult for us to grasp that there must’ve been GOOD reason for her stories NOT to be accepted? A sexually active religious sister can be sexually active anyways, Na? How does one prove that to be because of rape? We can only rely on what she is complaining about, Na? And IF THAT complaint is one of lies and deception, what happens to the justice towards a desecrated victim showered with false witnesses?

    Indeed, this case is NOT resolved… it will be interesting to know though, as to what the outcome of the Inquiry commission is – the one set up initially by “Bishop Franco Mulakkal”, to validate the working of the complaining sister… altho the forces of division will paint it in different ways to make it seem like some story of their nature, Na? Is that why the brother is complaining not having expected his return? It will be good to learn also regarding the TOTAL truth of her brothers transactions – for the sake of helping our Church and to put her back on the path that she must NEVER succumb to…

    Much prayers continue for everyone… yes be watchful as always dear people… the “great accuser” is beyond greedy 🙂
    With love in Christ Jesus everyone,

  2. This is a cultural matter for many and the media —- that is to make conclusions and judgment much before truth is established. Once that craze is there, even the Matters India too leans towards that company. We have no patience to wait and see. I am sure there is much much truth to be known about this Bishop-Nun story. Let us love truth. Also in Jesus who is ready to receive a repentant sinner.

  3. The Nun’s brother seems to be in a hurry to declare Franco guilty, even though the matter is sub-judice. Actually, Franco may spring surprises during cross examination of the complainant and can turn tables. Hence, nothing can be predicted at this stage.

  4. The CBCI must immediately exercise its moral authority to ensure that such acts are not repeated. He should be shunted out from Jalandhar. Pending trial make him titular bishop of some uninhabited remote island.

  5. The courts will decide on the criminality of his acts, but it is becoming increasingly obvious that this Sriman is not fit to be a bishop. He is an embarrassment to the entire Christian community in India. SHAMEFUL

  6. I reiterate what I said yesterday that the bishop’s behaviour is disgusting. He and his so-called supporters are no different from politicians that resort to such cheap gimmicks. SHAMEFUL.

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