Priest who testified against Franco Mulakkal found dead

Fr Kuriakose’s family alleges he has been killed for giving statement against Franco Mulakkal.

Jalandhar, Oct 22: Senior priest Father Kuriakose Kattuthara who had testified against former Jalandhar bishop Franco Mulakkal accused of raping a nun, has been found dead on October 22 morning.

The exact cause of death isn’t known and more details will be revealed after the post-mortem. He was found dead in his room in a church at Bhogpur in Jalandhar

His family said they suspect foul play.

His brother Jose Kattuthara told local news channels that church authorities from Jalandhar called him this morning and informed him that he was found dead in his room which was locked from inside. Church officials reportedly told the priest’s brother that he possibly died of a heart attack.

But Jose Kattuthara remains suspicious. He said he would be filing a complaint and will move the Kerala high court to cancel Franco Mulakkal’s bail.

Kuriakose’s brother Jose Kattuthara alleged that his brother has been killed for giving statement against Franco Mulakkal. Fr Kuriakose had been frequently threatened by the church officials. He also revealed that Fr Kuriakose had said that his life was under threat

Fr Kuriakose had filed a complaint against Franco Mulakkal in the nun abuse case. Fr Kuriakose had said in an interview given to news reporters that he was tortured by the Bishop and the Bishop House officials for his stand.

Fr Kuriakose had said that the nuns had told several complaints about Franco to him, who was also a vocational trainer. He had worked with former bishop Symphorian Keeprath, who had established Missionaries of Jesus for nuns under the diocese. He was a native of Pallippuram in Alappuzha.

Bishop Mulakkal was arrested late September and spent three weeks in jail before he got bail earlier this month.

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3 thoughts on “Priest who testified against Franco Mulakkal found dead

  1. In my last note I had written of “two brothers” (of the complaining sister though, and priests).. That was in response to the NEWS regarding one of them who was vehemently opposing the loving support of the faithful (religious and laity) while welcoming (Bishop) Fr Franco Mulakkal, who was back in his Parish.

    In a short span of a couple of days maybe, we are reading of another “two brothers” of which one is a priest and is said to have “witnessed” against (Bishop) Fr Franco Mulakkal. His brother who is married, is said to be apprehensive and anxious about The Truth… ALL very sad indeed. NONE of this should actually be happening, yet it is… And THE KEY question is, have the motives, the objective of those who WANTED this war-PR, gotten what they wanted? OR are they pushing for more?

    Was this death orchestrated(?) by the same “behind the scenes” gang, who wanted to shift focus from The Truth of the complaining sister and her brother-priests?

    A person who is innocent of a crime, but has already been labelled criminal by many, is questioned from all angles, Na? Why? Because of his innocence or because of his labels? His past, present and future are sliced, sauteed, cooked and served by several people, including the media – because – the person who is innocent has nothing to hide!

    On the other hand, sharing any information (The Truth) regarding the complaining sister or her family, is being touted as “CHARACTER ASSASSINATION of the victim” – no less! The Truth of the complaining sister must surely have something to hide? IF everyone is so clean and spotless, what is the need for the drama when information is required from them?

    What is MORE “frightening” is our response dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus! Am stunned and shocked each time I read here at the callous phrases we are so generous with over someone who is fighting for The Truth to be made known, NOT HIDDEN!

    The media is having a field day, because we are feeding them with spicy masala! And those “behind the scenes” who WANT this war-PR, for destructive reasons, are getting away with it, like that proverbial monkey feeding from both sides in a tussle, Na?

    It is commendable to note, that for the media who are genuine journalists, The Truth of (Bishop) Fr Franco Mulakkal is already well-known! They know that he laid down his charge for the sake of “fighting” for The Truth and that it was NOT usurped/taken away from him! They know that he is mighty responsible about his role as a prelate, as a shepherd and that he is doing his best to ensure “least damage” to what he reveres most – The Church! They also understand that he is loved and that he does NOT need to mobilise a hungamma to prove he is innocent! Above all, they know he has been completely co-operative in following the laws!

    I remember at the National Symposium earlier this year where he was a speaker, he was vouching for priests to wear their cassocks (in one part of his explanation). He had said at that time that he would rather die wearing it as a martyr than walk around without it even in the midst of persecution! Yup, am paraphrasing, I could never say it as good as him! 🙂

    Remember dear people, bearing FALSE witness is sin (9th commandment)! At the same time, speaking The Truth regarding a case, a person, an organization, a place etc, yes, anyone, anything, is RIGHT before God! God NEVER condemns The Truth! HE welcomes it because HE IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE! And HE KNOWS that it is The Truth alone that SETS HIS CHILDREN FREE!

    We must also understand another side to this… the turn of the heart, the contrition and reparation factors… How many will accept a U-turn when the realisation of The Truth has occurred? Would it be easy for those who have complained and have realised their sin, now wishing to turn back? 🙂 Will the “behind the scenes” gang EVER ALLOW such a U-turn? It is for this reason, that the complaining sister needs adequate protection. NOT just from the world (body-guards), but spiritually also… Remember, that mind-control is a sharp tool that divisive forces use, something that will NEVER leave behind “evidences” – is also an invaluable instrument in the hands of pimps who blow lust into victims to perpetrate their criminal motives on innocent spirits…

    We must continue much prayers for everyone involved, spiritual warfare included… for The Light of The Holy Spirit to (be allowed to) shine gloriously through the deepest darkness, so as to give tsunamic courage to those who are languishing in the muck-pits of fear, guilt, confusion and rebellion! I pray that the complaining sister will be allowed to speak-up The Truth as-is, without fearing any form of intimidation from the “behind the scenes” forces… especially trusting in The Truth that Lord Jesus understands and loves her and has been waiting for her return, like no other…

    Much prayers continue for everyone,
    With love in Christ Jesus,

  2. The Kerala Court must REGRET for letting a criminal bishop on bail. As the dead priest’s brother suspects, the death may NOT be natural and it could be a murder. Moreover, the dead priest had indeed expressed his concern that his life was under threat. Hence it seems to be a foregone conclusion that this is a well-planned and well-executed murder. From the murder of the Rector of St. Peter’s Pontifical Institute (a formation house) in Bengaluru a few years ago, the church officials have not learnt any lesson. If the CBCI and the Vatican do not wake up now, they will see many more sex scandals and killings in future. The insensitive officials or official body will be like Nero who fiddled while Rome burnt.

  3. I have earlier referred to this man as Frightening Franco. The way things are unfolding one may now have to call him Frankenstein. Even if not murder this would come under the category of abetment to suicide, which is also a grave offence. This man’s bail should be cancelled forthwith. While the law will take its course, simultaneously the CBCI must exercise its moral authority to rein in what seems to be a rampaging bull.

    The Catholic community in India hangs its head in shame at these developments.

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