Catholic bishops plan to foster church unity

New Delhi, Nov. 14, 2018: The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) will undertake various activities to foster unity and seek support of the laity in the light of various challenges faced by the church.

The CBCI Council for Laity said an action plan is being formulated for the purpose of unity in the Church and to foster support and protection of the faithful.

“This is needed in the light of the various challenges faced by the church in India, to exercise and propagate her freedom as enshrined in the Constitution,” said a statement from Shaiju Chacko, office secretary of the Council for Laity.

The council has also called upon the faithful and churches to stand unified to face the “challenges against” their faith and morals.

It also plans to form a ‘National Laity Team’ with representations from the 174 Catholic Dioceses to serve as the “Laity face of the Church” in India, it said.

(The Week)

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3 thoughts on “Catholic bishops plan to foster church unity

  1. Hasn’t the CBCI already got a National Catholic Council of India? What does it want another body for? We also have a national lay organisation the AICU. So what’s the CBCI gameplan? To divide and rule. Unity huh!!

  2. As a first step to unity the CBCI should abolish the divisive three Ritual bodies and bring back the pre 1990 status where there was only one body for bishops. Rites are an accident of history that shouldn’t be perpetrated.

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