Christians demand three assembly seats in Telangana

Federation of Telugu Churches claims sizable community presence in 38-40 seats


Hyderabad, Nov. 2, 2018: A body representing prominent Churches in Telagana have demanded political parties to dedicate at least three constituencies for the Christian community in the southern Indian state.

Those chosen by its members have to be fielded, office-bearers of the Federation of Telugu Churches (FTC) said at a press meet here on October 31.

In Secunderabad, Warangal and Karimnagar constituencies, members of the community should be given tickets, the community demanded. It is open to poll tickets from any political party, the members said.

At the media briefing, Father Anthonyraj Thumma, executive secretary of FTC, said, “The community has enough strength that it can play a deciding roll in 38 to 40 constituencies. Though it has such a vital role in the formation of a government, we have not received our due credit.”

Apart from the seats, the FTC also asked for Scheduled Caste status for Dalit Christians.

The next Telangana Legislative Assembly election is scheduled to be held on December 7.

In Telangana, the Vidhan Sabha, or Legislative Assembly, has 119 constituencies, including 18 reserved for the Scheduled Castes candidates and 9 for the Scheduled tribes candidates.

Source: The Hindu

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2 thoughts on “Christians demand three assembly seats in Telangana

  1. What if two or three parties put up Christian candidates. Where would the”Christian vote” go? If they are so sure of their electoral impact let them put up their own candidates. But we should not encourage such vote bank politics.

  2. This is naive. The priest concerned does not seem to understand the dynamics of electoral politics. The fundamental question is how many Christians are active leaders in political parties? You cannot ask this of all parties.

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