Hundreds call on court to cancel bail for rape accused bishop

Protest calling for Bishop Franco Mulakkal to be returned to custody in Kerala Nov. 14.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Save Our Sisters (SoS) action council, constituted to seek justice in the alleged rape case against former Jalandhar bishop Franco Mulakkal, on Nov 14 carried out a march to the Secretariat seeking the cancellation of bail granted to Franco and demanding an extensive probe into the death of Fr Kattuthara, who died in his official residence at Jalandhar in mysterious circumstances.

V S Achuthanandan, chairman, Kerala Administrative Reforms Commission, inaugurated the protest at 11.30 am. The action council also demanded a probe to find out the sources of income of Franco and ensure safety to women and nuns.

It also made a demand for action against P C George who made defamatory remarks against the nuns. They have also demanded a law to stop the sexual harassment at religious and political institutions. SOS convener Fr Augustine Vattoli shared his apprehensions about the probe being conducted against the bishop.

Nuns stay away from protest gathering

The five nuns, who had staged protests earlier demanding the arrest of Bishop Franco Mulakkal, did not attend the Secretariat march organised by the Save Our Sisters Action Council. “We do not expect to see Franco Mulakkal behind bars again. His power and position will protect him. However, we have hope in the investigation and believe justice will be delivered,” said Sr Anupama. “Being part of the Church, we will face consequences if we participate in the march. We hope the government will take steps towards the actions council’s demands,” she said.



source: Indian Express

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  1. Shrewd criminal lawyers can prove that nobody was driving Salman Khan’s car that ran over people on the pavement, or nobody killed Aarushi Talwar in her locked room. Money power can easily derail justice.

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