Kerala school drama draws Muslims’ ire

Kozhikode: A drama at a school-fest in Kerala has triggered controversy for allegedly hurting the religious sentiments. Muslim organizations have protested against the drama, ‘Kithab.’

‘Kithab’ is the story of the daughter of a muezzin, the person who calls for prayers at the mosque. The girl dreams of making the call for prayers like her father. Usually only men are appointed as muezzins, as per Islamic traditions.

Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) has taken out a protest march to the venue where the drama was being played. The protesters alleged that the drama was against their religious sentiments and demanded its withdrawal. The student wing of Sunni group Samastha also has opposed the play.

‘Kithab’, written by Rafeeq Mangalasseri, is an adaptation of the story ‘Vaang’, written by popular Malayalam writer and screenwriter Unni R.

Meanwhile, Rafeeq Mangalasseri denied the allegations by the protesters and accused them of being politically motivated. “Organizations like SDPI and SKSSF have always opposed reformist movements. Such groups who are indulging in such protests have own political intentions,” Rafeeq told

Writer Unni R has distanced himself from the controversy and accused the theater group of distorting his story.


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