Priests, Religious Lawyers stress for pursuing justice, peace

By Matters India Reporter

Kochi, Nov. 12, 2018: The National Lawyers Forum (NLF) of Catholic clergy and Religious would continue its advocacy for poor people’s rights in India.

This is was one of the resolutions that were passed after its annual meeting held at Pastoral Orientation Centre (POC), Kochi, Kerala, said Father Kulakanta Dandasena, a participant.

More than 82 persons from all over India attended the November 8 -10 meeting for pursuing justice and peace, Advocate Father Dandasena told Matters India.

The role of Catholic clergy and religious advocates is that without advocates a victim cannot get his rights. Legally protecting the client who needs justice with compassion and love is the priority of NLF, he added.

The NLF was formed in 2017 works to reinforce among the Catholic religious the significance of practicing law in courts to ensure justice following Christian teachings.

The network funds as a catalysts in defending the cause of the poor and marginalized, and be a watchdog of the evolving legal system in the changing socio political scenario in India.

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4 thoughts on “Priests, Religious Lawyers stress for pursuing justice, peace

  1. I would also like to know if these lawyers take up cases of injustice in Catholic institutions? Are they taking up cases of alleged sexual abuse by bishops and clergy, or service matters in our institutions?

  2. Why restrict such a forum to priests and religious? There are many outstanding lay Catholic lawyers that have fought for justice including Colin Gonsalves of the Supreme Court. Why exclude them?

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