Women pilots in India twice global average: Study

New Delhi, Nov. 8, 2018: The numbers say it all. Latest data reveals that other than having the highest percentage of women pilots, India also has double the percentage of women pilots than the global average.

According to data gathered by International Society of Women Airline Pilots (ISA+21), the number of women air pilots globally average at a 5.4 per cent, whereas in India the current number stands at 12.4 percent.

ISA+21 has found that on an average, India employs around 8,797 pilots, out of which 1,092 are female and 385 are female captains. On the contrary, the total number of air pilots hired globally is more than 150,000, of which only 8,061 are women and 2,190 are female pilots.

Looking back at data gathered in 2006, India’s percentage was still double than that of the global percentage — while globally it was 5.9 percent, in India it was 11 percent. Well done!

One of the carriers responsible for this growth is Delhi-based regional carrier Zoom, that employs 30 percent of women pilots across the world — this means that nine out of 30 pilots employed are women.

Other airlines that encourage this include, Indigo (13.9 percent), Jet Airways (12.4 percent), Spice Jet (13.2 percent), and Air India (12.7 percent).


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