Children from different religions celebrate Christmas

By Philip Mathew

Bengaluru, Dec. 17, 2018: More than 400 Hindu, Muslim and Christian children celebrated Christmas held at a Catholic school auditorium on December 16.

The children gathered from 54 Dream India Network (DIN) Foster Homes, run and managed by sisters from different religious congregations in the convent premises in and around the Bangalore city.

Setting up Foster Homes is a flagship program of DIN.

Foster Homes are meant for socially excluded children.

Besides the children, a large number of people from different walks of life joined the children in celebrating the birth of Jesus.

The program was designed to include cultural programs including carol singing, gift sharing and a variety of dances by the children.

Salesian Father Edward Thomas, founder and adviser of DIN, told the children and others that a Christian means one who loves, one who takes care of others and one who forgives.

He also said that Christianity is “not a religion but a way of life.”

The children were brought together by the sisters who accompanied them from their respective foster homes.

Several of the sisters were responsible for conducting and coordinating the Christmas program.

According to DIN, it works with several non-governmental organizations, committed individuals and institutions, trainers, researchers and social workers who have an abiding interest in bringing about lasting changes to the quality of life of ordinary Indians.

It provides social empowerment and a platform for realizing several good initiatives on behalf of the people whose rights are violated and who need hand holding.

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