Drum dance demonstration held for Dalit Christian rights

By S. Babu Chinnappan

New Delhi, Dec. 4, 2018: Demonstration with Dalit drums, folk songs and music was held on December 4 in New Delhi demanding justice of Christians and Muslims of Dalit origin.

“If you don’t listen to our voices at least listen to our drums,” said Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas, secretary general of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) addressing the demonstration at Jantar Mantar, a venue for public protest near the Indian Parliament House.

Many political and religious leaders expressed their support for the demand of Christian and Muslim communities for the Scheduled Caste right to their Dalit brethren.

The protest was organized by the Dalit Christian Artists Coordination Committee. Adavu cultural team from Tamil Nadu performed the Dalit Drum ‘Parai.’ ‘Nine is Mine,’ a child right group’s children, also performed their drums.

Father Jervis D’Souza, CBCI deputy secretary general, said that the government should protect the Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims, provide them legal protection and promote their development by extending their due Scheduled Caste rights.

Ali Anwar, a former member of parliament, said “It is a sad situation of the country that the successive governments do not give the rightful demand of the SC status to Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims.”

Annie Raja, general secretary of National Federation of Indian Women, said “Parai the Dalit drum should be the instrument to demand out rights and we will uphold our Dalit drums to demand out rights.”

The demonstrators demanded from the federal government the following:

1. To give directions to furnish the reply of Government on the suits pending in Supreme Court on the issue of Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims
2. To initiate steps to bring a Bill in Parliament to extend Scheduled Caste Rights to Christians and Muslims of Scheduled Caste origin.

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4 thoughts on “Drum dance demonstration held for Dalit Christian rights

  1. Table 1.2 on page 7 of the report states that SC Muslims are just 0.8% of the Muslim population, that is even less than 1%.

  2. Again CBCI in public with politrics…. Let the Muslims demand their right. new converts from India are generally very strong if they are motivated… From Kerala we had a president of India, which was the most caste based community in India. Narayanan…
    Bishops, the secratery General of cbci, should listen to the rhythm of the drum, the Dalit Christians beating. It is an indication that their brain is well equipped to grow into great spheres of social heights. Obstacle is not the law in the country, nor the Dalit themselves… But the missionaries who lost the desire to motivate them… Number of schools run by the congregations don’t accept this children in their schools until complete their studies, just because, these children are obstacles in their cash making institutions… Technically they chase the children if at all any good father or sister accepted any Dalit child free of cost in their time.
    Our missionary English medium schools have grown into such a level that no Christian value can be implemented through it. And no genuine missionary can be part of education ministry… The CBCI too shoulder with it is the most pathetic scene in India.
    Dalit is made Dalit in “Christian community” in India is not by govt… But by its own missionaries… Their prime aim is running institution and profit from it also the social status.

  3. The Sachar Committee report also states that only 1% of Muslims are Dalit. In my hometown Kanpur Muslims are buying the best properties, cars and bikes. Their poor have big families. Which drum are we beating?

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