Shiv Sena demands mandatory family planning for Muslims

New Delhi, Dec. 4, 2018: The Shiv Sena has advocated a compulsory family planning program for Muslims to ensure stability in the country and maintain national security.

In an editorial in its mouthpiece Saamana on Dec. 4, the party linked a rise in Muslim population to “unrest in the country and challenges to national security”.

The editorial cited a Border Security Force report to the Union Home Ministry that allegedly expresses concerns about an unexpected rise in Muslim population along the border with Pakistan in Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer.

“The population of Indian Muslims is burgeoning at the speed of the bullet train, and enforcing family planning [on them] is the only solution,” the Bharatiya Janata Party ally claimed.

The Saamana editorial also dismissed the stance of “some Hindutva groups” that want Hindus to abandon the “Ham do hamare do [two-child]” policy to counter the alleged increase in Muslim population.

The Shiv Sena’s statement follows media reports about the paramilitary force’s report that purportedly highlights “the presence of radical elements who are suspected to be luring local people to pass on information relating to military movements”, The Telegraph quoted an unidentified official as saying.

The Shiv Sena claimed the Muslim population in Pokhran “is exploding” and criticized the BJP-led governments at the Center and state for failing to restrict the rise in number of Muslims. The Shiv Sena claimed that BJP-led states were no different from states such as Assam and West Bengal, where the community’s numbers were significantly high allegedly because of the policies of the Congress, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and the Trinamool Congress.

“The national president of the BJP keeps making speeches about how he will remove illegal citizens from India and drive out intruders, but what about the ‘green invaders’ at the border in Rajasthan?” the Shiv Sena asked.


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2 thoughts on “Shiv Sena demands mandatory family planning for Muslims

  1. As per the Census of India statistics of 2011, the latest, the decadal growth rate (DGR) of Muslims is higher than the national average. In contrast the Christian DGR in 2011 was less than the national average, despite all the claims of mass conversions. The silver lining though is that the Muslim DGR in 2011 was somewhat less than that of 2001.

    As responsible citizens of mother earth it is our incumbent duty to exercise responsible parenthood. The days when we said “The more the merrier” are long past. It would be more appropriate to today say “More is heavier, an increased burden on scant natural resources”. We can’t blame the Govt if we just go on producing new models every year! It has already been predicted that the next war will be,not for oil, but for drinking water. All of us, not just Muslims, need to exercise restraint.

  2. Christians what practised is forced for Muslims by shiv sena by Hindu fundamentals and fanatic group.
    According to real understanding children are gift of God. No man or woman including parents has the right to kill the the child in the womb.

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