Delay in Jalandhar case: Nuns threaten protest

Thiruvanathapuram, Jan 2, 2019: Five nuns of the Missionaries of Jesus congregation, who led a protest against deposed Jalandhar bishop Franco Mullakkal, alleged a deliberate attempt to delay justice in the sexual assault case against him and threatened to take to the streets again.

Three months after the bishop’s arrest, police are yet to file a chargesheet in the case. The state government is also yet to appoint a public prosecutor, they said.

“Things are moving at a snail’s pace. We heard the decision to appoint a public prosecutor is pending with the Kerala chief minister’s office. We fear a deliberate attempt to weaken the case. If the situation continues like this, we will be forced to hit the streets again,” said sister Anupama, who led the protest against Mulakkal.

In June 2018, a 43-year-old nun, also a mother superior, had lodged a police complaint that Mulakkal had raped her 13 times between 2014 and 2016.

The five nuns staged a protest in Kochi seeking his arrest. The special investigation team arrested him in September after several rounds of questioning. After three weeks in judicial custody, Mulakkal was granted bail.

“We are leading a secluded life at the convent. We have been kept in the dark about church duties and decisions. A couple of nuns have been transferred from Punjab to our convent to keep a tab on us. There were attempts to force us out of the convent,” she said.

“The deposed bishop is influential and it is evident in every stage of the case. Though we face threat to our lives, we will continue our struggle for justice,” she said.

Earlier, the convent had sent a letter to the police, saying it did not have funds to continue protection to the victim and five other nuns and they can be shifted to a government-run home.

It was seen as a move to push them out of the convent and silence them. But the nuns insisted they will remain with the congregation and won’t move out.

A key witness in the case, Father Kuriakose Kattuthara, was found dead in Jalandhar under mysterious circumstances two months ago.

A section of the inmates of the convent is said to be supporting the bishop.

(Hindustan Times)

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  1. Nuns in general in India and specially the nuns connected with Francko cases is in out of order… There is no religious order in them… It is challange in Indian missionary works… I strongly belive if all this nuns from Catholic Church of very high structure is removed and allow the genuine laymovements and lake away the man made obstacles of the mission will start giving right fruits…in Indian mission, great things in the church, Is delayed due to unfulfilment of the the basic needs the nuns and monasteries as they wish…because Indian church has no natural tendency to afford the religious… the catholic lay men in India are more prone to natural religious in attitude and holy, keeping the three vows in truth….which generally religious violate easily in India….

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