Church body for Catholic stance on political situation

New Delhi, Feb 12, 2019: The Catholic Bishops Conference of India (CBCI) Council for Laity, one of the influential Christian bodies in the country, has launched a nationwide drive to formulate a Catholic stance on the current political situation in the country ahead of the general elections.

The Council for Laity will organize a series of events in the run up to the Lok Sabha elections to raise issues within the community like attacks on churches, growing danger of communalism and challenges to Catholic faith in India.

After the exercise, which will take the campaign to the grass roots, a report will be submitted to CBCI on March 10 to firm up a position. CBCI has 14 regional councils and 174 Diocesan Pastoral Council.

Among the topics that will be thrown up for discussion include violation of constitutional rights and denial of minority welfare schemes to Christians, challenges to areas of service like educational institutions, hospitals and orphanages and growing dangers of communalism.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had assured Catholic church leaders that their concerns about the attack on churches and other issues will be looked into.


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5 thoughts on “Church body for Catholic stance on political situation

  1. If we do not give to Caesar what has to be given to Caesar, then we will be committing both individually and collectively ‘ the Sin of Pilate’.
    We have the Democratic Constitutional RIGHT and DUTY to be adult and matured, enlightened and empowered citizens.. !
    That too, not just at an election – time but more during the time in between elections.

  2. Why is PM saying that attacks on Christian &Churches are going to be looked into.When attacks should be rebuked and police action be initiated for give justice.
    Government has failed in that direction.

  3. The bishops should also not try to tell the laity what to do in politics, when we are closer to the ground than they are. And no more”Pastoral Letters” about elections please.

  4. The report indicates that the bishops are more concerned with safeguarding their mighty cash cow institutions, rather than the major issues that affect the nation

  5. Two present of Christians are going to play politics…. Joke. Only mercy of God that politics is turning in favour of the church…. Beware of the mighty Lord, the Lord of armies is with us.
    What church in India mainly face is internal dirt first wash it and then pray let Jesus rule.

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