Jesuit superior general to visit Mumbai

By Matters India Reporter

Mumbai, Feb. 17, 2019: Father Arturo Sosa, superior general of the Society of Jesus, is scheduled to make his first visit the Bombay Jesuit Province on March 2. This is his second visit to India.

Father Sosa had chosen India for his first official trip in February 2017 when he visited his confreres in New Delhi, Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh and Ambikapur and Raipur in Chhattisgarh.

He was elected the head of the largest Catholic religious congregation on October 14, 2016. Father Sosa was elected during the 36th General Congregation, the highest decision making body of the Society. He is the first Jesuit chief from Latin America, the same region of Pope Francis.

His choice of India underlined the demographic shift within the universal Society. The Jesuit Conference of South Asia accounts for close to 25 percent of the whole Society, with 4,027 members.

Father Sosa will meet with the provincial and his team at Vinayalaya, Andheri. He will celebrate Mass for the province and interact with all province Jesuits.

From March 3 to 5, he will visit Manickpur, Vasai, St Stanislaus, Bandra, Talasari Mission, Vinayalaya, Andheri and St Xavier’s College, Mumbai. He will meet with Archbishop Felix Machado of Vasai and Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Archbishop of Bombay.

The Jesuit superior general sometimes carries the nickname of the Black Pope, after his simple black priest’s vestments, as contrasted to the white garb of the Pope.

The Jesuit Conference of South Asia, the largest unit in the Society, comprises those working in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

The conference has 18 provinces and two regions.

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1 thought on “Jesuit superior general to visit Mumbai

  1. Welcome to Father Sosa to India!

    I wish to make a small comment on the usage of certain “terminologies”. Jesuit congregation is one of the pioneers in every field and set up new trends. I am surprised that the terms like “General”, “Superior”, “Provincial” are still being used. These terms are outdated and do not make much sense these days.

    There are some women congregations, like Good Shepherd Sisters, who use the term “Congregational Leader”, “Province Leader” and “Community Leader” etc. These terms make sense.

    It is time for the Jesuits and many other Congregations (both men and women) to stop using the terms General and Superior etc.
    Once upon a time… the Jesuit Congregation Leader must have been considered as the “Black Pope”, mainly to show his power. What is the need for quoting the term “Black Pope” now? What is the idea behind? Why does the Jesuit Congregation try to compare its leader with the Pope? Why is this power struggle? St. Ignatius said, “Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam” (All glory belongs to God). HUMILITY is the need of the hour.

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