Nun who protested against bishop gets second warning letter

Kochi, Feb 16, 2019: A Catholic nun, who had joined a protest against a rape-accused bishop, has received another letter from her superiors threatening to expel her from the congregation unless ‘she changes her mind.’

Franciscan Clarist Congregation Superior General Sister Ann Joseph has issued the second canonical warning letter to Sister Lucy Kalappura.

The latest warning, issued on February 14, was on the grounds that her reply to the first warning “was found insufficient and unacceptable.”

Listing 11 ‘violations’ by Sister Kalappura, the superior general invites her to change her mind and attitude and reform herself. Warning that if her second reply isn’t satisfactory, she would be dismissed from the congregation. the superior concludes the letter setting a deadline of March 10 for a response.

It also said the letter was “the first canonical warning with the threat of dismissal from the Congregation.”

Sister Kalappura is an outspoken supporter of the five Missionaries of Jesus nuns who had staged a sit-in in Kochi last September demanding the arrest of Bishop Franco Mulakkal of Jalandhar.

The prelate was accused of raping the former superior general of the Missionaries of Jesus several times during 2014-2016.

A previous letter to Sister Kalappura, on January 1, alleged that the nun had been “leading a life against the principles of religious life and against the Rule and Constitution of the FCC.”

Speaking to The News Minute, Sister Kalappura said that she doesn’t believe that she has done anything wrong.

“The biggest law on earth is love and the biggest law of God is also love. I will continue giving support to the nuns,” she added.

She also said the money she is accused of spending was spent on social work.

(source: ANI)

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