Vatican’s Swiss Guard get lighter 3D-printed helmets

The Pontifical Swiss Guard, the colourfully dressed bodyguards who protect the pope, will be trading in their heavy metal helmets for 3D-printed plastic headgear.

The new helmets will look exactly like the old ones, which are based on a 16th-century design that was scanned and computerized before being printed. Known as a morion, the high-crested open helmet originated from the Kingdom of Castile in Spain.

The big difference is the helmets will be much lighter and cooler under the hot Roman sun, according to a report in The helmets are worn during papal Masses and ceremonial occasions when the guards wear their “Gala Uniform.” During training and night duties, the protective force wears a simpler, blue “Exerzieruniform” with a beret.

The innovation in armour will mean the pope’s guards have a lot less weighing on them. The old metal helmets tip the scales at 4.4 lbs., while the new ones weigh just 1 ¼ lb. What’s more, they are ventilated and made of a PVC material that protects against ultraviolet rays. The ostrich feather plume, which adds little to the weight of the helmet, will still be produced by the flightless bird.

It takes just a day to make each new helmet with a 3-D printer, compared to the 130 hours it took to make the old ones. At $1,000 a piece, they are also cheaper than their predecessors. The 120 helmets purchased by the Vatican will be paid for by donations.



source: Aletia




source: Aletia

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1 thought on “Vatican’s Swiss Guard get lighter 3D-printed helmets

  1. The Vatican and the Pope want the ROYAL TRADITION to continue by hook or crook, whether costly or cheap. Pope Francis, when he took over his office, renounced many traditions like gold chain, red shoes, papal palace, luxury car etc. What prevents him to throw away this tradition too? Is this tradition being followed to maintain the STATUS of the Vatican?

    Jesus, the poor carpenter’s son said long time ago, “If you wish to be my disciple, take up your cross and follow me. The foxes have their holes, the birds their nests. But I have not a place to lay my head.” Sadly, this poor Jesus has been elevated as a King (by the selfish clerical group to meet their selfish ends) and he is confined to Churches and Liturgies. He has been converted into an “object of worship”.

    Jesus of Nazareth also spoke of a BROAD PATH and a NARROW PATH. The Broad Path means “Worshiping Jesus” as it is very easy and unchallenged. The Narrow Path means “Following Jesus” as it is very difficult and challenging. A vast majority choose the Broad Path obviously.

    The so-called disciples of the poor Jesus of Nazareth want to continue to hold on to royal life and luxuries of the world. They adopt the safe-guarding measures to protect “themselves”. Enjoy the life! Jesus will NEVER come to SAVE YOU as he has escaped from ALL CHURCHES of all denominations.

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