Cough corners to come up in all hospitals in Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram, Mar. 25, 2019: In order to accommodate patients suffering from pulmonary diseases and airborne
diseases, cough corners will be established in every hospital across the state. Cough Corners will be made
mandatory in every hospital to prevent spreading of diseases like Tuberculosis.

Private hospitals have also been asked to arrange cough corners. Special patient ID card will be given to
people who seek medical care from airborne diseases.

In order to avoid them from spending more time in hospitals, treatment will be given to them under fast track
service. Bedridden patients will be shifted to isolation ward.

The new facility called Cough Corner was established according to the findings of the study carried out by TB
Elimination Kerala Mission.

Free medical care will be given to TB patients at private hospitals also. TB detection test and medicines will be
made available for free of cost at private hospitals. To meet this purpose, the health department has
established 200 centres in various private hospitals.

The major reason for spread of Tuberculosis in Kerala is found as interaction with the affected.

Special medical care will be given to H1N1 affected in cough corner. Airborne infection control kit will be given
to patients to check spread of the disease.

India tops in TB patients list

According to reports, maximum number of TB patients are found in India. Two people die every five minutes
suffering from tuberculosis in the country. 2,20,00 deaths are reported every year. A total of 6000 new TB
cases are reported every day.

Meanwhile, over 30,000 tuberculosis cases are reported in Kerala. At the same time, there is a fall of 4 percent
in tuberculosis cases.


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