New Zealand shooting: Hyderabad women organize silent protest

Hyderabad, March 17, 2019: Women in Hyderabad organized a silent candlelight protest to show solidarity with the victims of New Zealand’s twin mosque attacks that killed 49 people.

One of the protesters, Sumitra said, “We are here to condemn the terror attack happened in New Zealand. We believe that people should be above religion. They should live for people. All citizen should together to voice for peace. These terror attacks are happening at the global level. Where ever a terror attack happens, we should condemn it.”

Another woman said the March 16 protest was not organized by any group. “We all voluntarily came here. This cruelty is shocking because the mosque is a religious place. Why people are becoming intolerant towards another religion and belief?. We are condemning this. We are here to show solidarity,” she added.

In the worst terror attack in New Zealand, multiple gunmen indulged in indiscriminate shootings at two mosques in Christchurch during the Friday prayers on March 15, leaving 49 people dead and at least 48 wounded.

The victims include nine Indian nationals or people of Indian origin.


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