Indian Catholic forum condemns Sri Lanka killings

By Matters India Reporter

Kanpur, April 22, 2019: The Indian Catholic Forum has expressed deep shock and dismay at the wanton killings in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday morning.

Almost 300 people were killed on April 21 in bomb blasts in three churches and various hotels frequented by foreigners in the island nation.

“It is common knowledge that Easter is the most sacred and holy day for Christians across the world. It is therefore shameful that anybody or organization should think of targeting innocent worshippers at such a time and place,” says a press release from the forum.

It further notes that Christians in Sri Lanka are not a radicalized group harboring animosity toward any other community. “The same may be said of international tourists who would have had no anti-national agenda in Sri Lanka.”

Based on circumstantial evidence, the forum says “the perpetrators” were from outside Sri Lanka, “who chose this as a soft target to pursue their blood thirsty plan of hatred and revenge.”

The forum wants all sane persons and leaders to “unequivocally condemn these satanic acts against innocent persons.”

While praying for the souls of deceased and comfort for the bereaved and injured, the forum appeals to all to maintain peace and brotherhood, and not allow such incidents to sow the seeds of revenge or hatred against the perpetrators.

The press release signed by forum coordinator chhotebhai also appealed to the Sri Lankan government to use all possible means to identify the perpetrators of the crime against humanity and to bring them to swift justice.

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1 thought on “Indian Catholic forum condemns Sri Lanka killings

  1. Along with the Indian Catholic Forum and all other sensible human beings, I severely condemn the serial bomb blasts that killed and wounded hundreds of innocent people. It is indeed very inhuman on the part of the terrorists who executed this well-planned attack. I wonder whether God will forgive them.

    It is really a serious lapse on the part of the Sri Lankan government. In spite of a warning given by the Intelligence Cell 10 days ago, the government officials and the police have been very careless and lethargic. They are the real culprits and we should not forgive them. They all should voluntarily step down from their positions for their biggest failure.

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