Life lessons from two women

By Lissy Maruthanakuzhy

Rome, April 15, 2019: Generally, I do not enjoy traveling, especially alone. I began to enjoy journeys only after my six-year sojourn in northeastern India. Travelling to the interior villages helped me become stronger in many ways. However, what is more important is the inspiring persons I meet on my way. Some have left indelible mark in my life.

Sometime ago I met an intelligent and vivacious young woman. During our first meeting we exchanged a few words. However, the picture of her lively presence remained vivid in my mind. As the days passed, we communicated more over the phone, as we lived quite a distance away. She came across to me as a person rich in values, clear in thoughts and good in communication.

One day I noticed her awake at midnight and asked her the reason. She said, “My husband had work in the evening and now he will return home. I am waiting for him.” I admired her sensitivity and love.

By profession she is a graphic designer. She worked in York communication Pvt Ltd for a year as an intern before her marriage. She left the job after the marriage. She is now a mother of two little girls, aged seven and one. I asked her if she intend to take up a job.

Her answer was clear and to the point. “I spoke to my husband and decided to be with my children to care for them They need my presence and care now. My mother, an Ayurvedic doctor, had chosen to give up her carrier for me and my sister. She inspired me to be a good mother.”

“I cannot handle two things at a time. I have seen working mothers trying hard to look after the family at the same time. I want a relaxed life, so that I can give time to my husband and children.”

Our contacts continued over the phone once in a while.

She spoke about things that mattered in life: joys and challenges of life, how to mend and build up relationships; about her in-laws, her parents.

“My father taught me how to behave well, and be respectful towards all; to avoid unwanted conversations; then not to be caught by silly things in life. He is a homeo doctor and his hands are blessed when it comes to his profession,” she shared about the nursery school where she picked up her values.

What are your hobbies, I inquired.

“No special hobbies right now,” she said.

“But I try out different things. I am not good at cooking but I try my best at preparing food and my husband likes them. I learned to make wine from my mother. So I try my hand in making wine.”

Once noticing her love towards her mother-in-law, I expressed my joy saying, “I am so glad that you care for her.”

She laughed saying, “I love her so much because she gave me my husband whom I love dearly.”

I was left speechless. And I wished to hear it from many more young girls who were gifted with loving and caring husbands.

Her words took my thought to a mother who was with me on a flight from Germany to India. She was en route to Gujarat to find a bride for her only son. During our conversation she confided, “We met several beautiful, intelligent girls. They are looking for a boy who does not need to look after his mother.”

Tears rolled over her cheeks. We remained silent for the rest of the time. I prayed that she may find a girl who would love her mother-in-law. I felt a pain deep within me. I could not imagine the pain of that mother.

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