Fiji appoints retired Indian judge to its Supreme Court

New Delhi, May 15, 2019: Retired Supreme Court judge Justice Madan Lokur has become the first judge from the Indian apex court to be appointed to Fiji’s Supreme Court.

“I have been invited by the Chief Justice of the Fiji Supreme Court to be a part of the apex court there. I found the offer very interesting and accepted it,” Justice Lokur told IANS on May 15.

He will work in the non-resident panel of the Fiji Supreme Court for a period of three years.

Justice Lokur confirmed that he will be the first judge from the Indian Supreme Court to be appointed at the Fiji Supreme Court. Fiji has a large number of people of Indian origin.

Justice Lokur had received the offer letter from the Chief Justice of Fiji on December 31, 2018, the day he retired from the Supreme Court. However, he decided to accept the offer only now. He will join in his new role on August 15. He says he has not been to Fiji before.

Emphasising that his experience in the Supreme Court would certainly be a value-addition in his new role, Justice Lokur said: “I will learn about their justice delivery system.”

The Supreme Court of Fiji has two sessions in a year, split across four weeks.

Lokur said: “I am certainly excited to work with the judges of other countries. I hope this comes across as a great opportunity to contribute towards the jurisprudence of Fiji; with my experience in the Indian judiciary, I would certainly want to strengthen their justice delivery system.”

Lokur also said that he was a part of the Mediation Committee of the Supreme Court of India since 2005, an initiative which led to the settlement of around 200,000 cases. Asked, if given a chance would he utilize his mediation skills in Fiji, he answered in the affirmative.

Lokur was appointed as a Supreme Court judge on June 4, 2012. He was first appointed as an Additional Judge of the Delhi High Court in February 1999. In July the same year, he became a permanent judge.

Later, he became the Chief Justice of Guwahati High Court and then Andhra Pradesh High Court before being elevated to the Supreme Court.

Justice Lokur had made a mark during his tenure on the Social Justice bench of the Supreme Court where he conducted hearing of several important cases related to farmers, migrant labours and construction workers, who often struggle for justice.

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2 thoughts on “Fiji appoints retired Indian judge to its Supreme Court

  1. I have always held that our judges retire at a very early age. Their retirement age should be increased by 5 years so that the county and society may have the benefit of their wisdom and jurisprudence.

  2. I think a judge in India is almost decide on Old Testament laws and New Testament jurisprudence. I wonder some of the Supreme Court judgements are more reasonable to Christianity than the Indian Catholics in authority decide. Especially matters handling in connection with indissolublity of marriage. I hope the retired judge will be not only an ambassador of India but also Christian morality. Best wishes, may the wisdom of the Lord continue to follow you through the mercy of Holy Spirit.

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