Homeopathy cures hypothyroidism: Study claims

By Matters India Reporter

New Delhi, May 22, 2019: Homeopathic treatment has positive impact on patients of hypothyroidism, according to a retrospective observational study conducted by a Delhi-based clinic.

The study at Dr. Kalyan Banerjee’s Clinic in Chittaranjan Park, south Delhi, analyzed the records of 2,083 patients from 2011 to 2015. It was found that by the fourth visit, 35 percent of the patients showed improvement in their serum thyroid stimulating hormone readings, says a press release.

For the study, a catchment period was defined and data of patients to the clinic during the period was extracted.

“The early observations are very interesting. The data seems to indicate that specific homeopathic medicines were able to improve functioning of the thyroid gland, thereby bringing down the thyroid stimulating hormone readings,” explained Doctor Kalyan Banerjee, founder of the clinic.

This, the doctor added, has “the potential of reducing – or entirely stopping – the dosage of thyroid hormone replacement in patients. This runs contrary to the understanding that the progression of hypothyroidism cannot usually be controlled.”

According to him, 11 percent of India’s 1.3 billion people suffer from hypothyroidism. So, even if a third of hypothyroidism patients benefit from homeopathic medicines it would be “a very significant number,” he added.

Another doctor at the clinin, Kushal Banerjee, says hypothyroidism is a common disease with no resolution in conventional medicine.

He says their clinic treats thousands of patients regularly who have reported improvement. “We therefore decided that an evaluation of our treatment regimen was in order to confirm what the anecdotal evidence seemed to indicate: homeopathic treatment benefits patients of hypothyroidism,” he explained.

He said they hope the study will lead to more research that will further confirm the efficacy of homeopathic medicines in hypothyroidism.

The doctors at the clinic practice “an evidence-based approach and have arrived at specific medicine and potency combinations for specific diseases using the clinical experience of millions of prescriptions over four decades,” the press release says.

These specific treatment regimens help doctors get proper training in prescribing effective medicines. If a patient does not respond to the medicines, the doctors go for the second line of treatment. “Vital time is saved, and doctors assess cases far more effectively than in conventional homeopathy, leading to superior outcomes,” the press release claimed.

The clinic, founded in 1977, now treats several hundred patients every day.

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