Archbishop Machado mourns Karnad’s death

By C V Joseph

Bengaluru, June 11, 2019: Archbishop Peter Machado of Bangalore on June 11 expressed deep sorrow over the passing away of Girish Karnad, a legendary playwright, actor and social activist.

“We have lost a legend in field of literature and arts. Truly our cultural world is poorer today,” Archbishop said in his condolence message.

The archdiocese later stated that the Catholic bishops of Karnataka with the entire Christian community, priests, religious and lay faithful joined the archbishop in conveying heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.

Karnad died on June 11 at his residence in Bengaluru, capital of Karnataka state. He was 81.

Karnad was a man of multidimensional talents in nature. Theater was his vocation. He was a prolific writer, thinker, actor, social activist, non-corrupt and fearless speaker. He also left an indelible impression on cinema, Archbishop Machado note.

He also noted that Karnad’s talents were not limit to Kannada alone but expanded to touch the national borders.

“Karnad, with his powerful voice and immense screen presence, was one of the few writers who could translate literature into action as well,” he further said.

Some of Karnad’s prominent works include “Nagamandala,” “Hayavadhana,” “Tuglaq” and “Yayathi.

He was fearless and critical against the social injustice. He would not hold back from airing his views on any topic. He spoke frankly about what he believed, the archbishop said.

The prelate, who heads the Catholic Church, also prayed for strength and fortitude for the bereaved family.

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2 thoughts on “Archbishop Machado mourns Karnad’s death

  1. Mourning Girish Karnad’s death alone is not enough. It is high time for the Archbishop to sit with his clergy and examine their lifestyle and functioning. It will be a revelation that not a single priest has lived or living up to the level of the Trend-setter Girish Karnad. So, what is the meaning of your vocation? Please transform yourselves.

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