Kerala to review award after bishops protest Mulakkal cartoon

The controversial cartoon

The Kerala government plans to review an award-winning cartoon after it evoked widespread condemnation.

According to Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council (KCBC), the cartoon by Subhash KK shows the rape-accused Bishop in a bad light and hurts their religious sentiments.

The cartoon, which won Kerala Lalithakala Akademi award, depicts Franco as a cock, propped up by MLA PC George, who openly supported him, even as the nuns who spoke up are seen fleeing the scene.

Although PC George is holding up Franco, the latter is seen standing on a police cap, suggesting that officials were lax in their duty. Also in the frame is P K Sasi of the CPI(M), who has been accused of sexual harassment. Both the bishop and PK Sasi are wearing the same headdress, making it clear that they are only versions of each other.

There’s also a woman’s underwear drawn in the bishop’s staff that Franco carries. And right above the cartoon is written, ‘Vishwasam rakshati’, which sarcastically says “your faith will save you”.

KCBC objected to the cartoon. A statement by KCBC spokesperson Father Varghese Vallikat called the cartoon incendiary and objectionable. “We suspect that the CPI(M)’s evaluation that Christians did not vote for them during the Lok Sabha elections was behind the decision to confer an award for this cartoon,” he said.

KCBC was most offended by the underwear that the cartoonist had drawn on “the good shepherd” symbol. The statement said, “In the name of condemning Bishop Franco, the cartoonist has insulted Christianity by drawing an objectionable picture on the Good Shepherd symbol. The Left government in Kerala has honored such a distorted cartoon”.

While asking LalithaKala Akademi to apologize for the cartoon, KCBC also asked whether this was the Left government’s policy to help minorities and promote communal harmony.

Following criticisms by KCBC, the Minister for Law, Culture and Cinema, A K Balan, said that the government will re-examine the award. In a statement, the Minister said, “While the government accepts the theme of the cartoon on Franco Mulakkal, we are viewing the insult to a religious symbol seriously. In the light of this serious issue, the government has asked the Lalit Kala Academy to review the awards given for cartoons this year.”

Meanwhile, Subhash told reporters that he has nothing to say in this regard. “They (Lalithakala Akademi) have not contacted me or informed me about this decision. I don’t know anything about this matter and hence I do not want to react now. Let them inform me and once they do I will respond.”

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3 thoughts on “Kerala to review award after bishops protest Mulakkal cartoon

  1. The Church Hierarchy is always the first to “defend the freedom of speech or expression” when they are questioned for their own speech or writing. They also must apply the same logic to others.

    Why should KCBC make a big hue and cry for the cartoon on sex scandal hero Franco? It sounds very silly and nonsense when they say that the cartoon affects their religious sentiments!!! Were their religious sentiments NOT AFFECTED when the nun has been repeatedly raped by Franco???

    Every human being, irrespective of caste, colour and creed, has the right to express what he/she feels through art, writing and speech etc. Why should KCBC protest the cartoon instead of raising their voice against the accused Franco?

    In fact, I would have appreciated if the Cartoonist had drawn Franco wearing a garland of woman’s inner garments. That would have made sense.

  2. I often watch some American serials on Comedy Central. Every day they lampoon Donald Trump supposedly the most powerful man in the world. Trump abuses the media but dares not shut it down.

  3. A bishop’s crozier is not a sacred Christian symbol. Rather it is like a king’s ruling sceptre. Cartoonists have every right to express what people feel. Giving this a political twist is absurd.

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