Cardinal Alencherry calls for peace, composure

Cardinal Alencherry

By Matters India Reporter

Kochi, July 4, 2019: Cardinal George Alencherry, head of the Syro-Malabar Church, has called for peace and composure among priests and faithful as the rift between him and a section of priests in Ernakulam-Angamaly archdiocese widened.

“All members of the Church are united with the power of the Holy Spirit and must, through their actions and words, contribute to strengthening the unity of the Church,” said the cardinal on July 3 speaking on the occasion of the Syro Malabar Church Day, the feast of Saint Thomas the Apostle.

Cardinal Alencherry also wants the priests and the faithful to strive to strengthen “the Church in a spirit of love, brotherhood and unity, prayerfully and with the strength imbibed from the Holy Spirit.”

The cardinal exhorted the faithful to move forward together, drawing strength from the Holy Spirit, towards strengthening the Church.

The Church’s services, he said, should develop and grow through love and brotherhood. Care should be taken that nothing that affects these is allowed to happen, he added.

The cardinal, who was accused in a land scam, was on June 27 reinstated as the archbishop of the Ernakulam-Angamaly Archdiocese by the Vatican.

However, most priests of the archdiocese have refused to accept the cardinal as their archbishop. They seem determined to continue their protest until the Syro-Malabar Permanent Synod decides on the matter.

The cardinal’s call for peace came a day after 251 of the archdiocese’s more than 400 priests gathered together to protest the suspension of two auxiliary bishops and the return of the cardinal as their chief.

The meeting passed a resolution demanding a new administrative archbishop for the archdiocese. The priests asserted that the Second Vatican council has directed priests “to stand by the truth no matter what.”

The meeting decided to pass the resolution to the Permanent Synod and other authorities concerned.

The resolution also hints at various methods through which the archdiocese would stop cooperating with its head, the cardinal.

“If the reasons for the lax handling of the archdiocese and moral crisis in it are not explained to the laity, then there is a chance of the conscience of the priests getting affected when they read the pastoral letters, orders and circulars of this archbishop to the laity. The priests won’t be able to stop it if any parish councils decides to not pay the fee given to the archdiocese from the income of parishes,” the resolution states.

The resolution also warns that they would take to the streets if there is any attempt to trap priests, laity or the auxiliary bishops in any fake cases.

The resolution, which condemns the auxiliary bishops’ suspension, seeks the publication of the reports of the Church-appointed enquiry committees to probe the controversial land deals.

It also states that the priests will not allow any further sale of any archdiocesan property as the apostolic administrator had settled bank dues caused by the land deals by selling 10 acres of land.

The resolution criticized the Syro-Malabar Church’s Media commission for wrongly portraying the cardinal’s reinstatement and other related developments as an outcome based on the apostolic administrator’s report.

The priests have appealed to the permanent synod of the Syro Malabar Church to resolve the issue in the light of truth, mercy and ethics.

While the priests revolt the cardinal’s reign, the prelate is battling as many as 13 cases registered against him.

On Apr 2, a magistrate court in Ernakulam registered a case against Cardinal Alencherry and others for criminal breach of trust, criminal conspiracy and fraudulent execution of deed of transfer in the sale over 60 cents at Kakkanad.

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4 thoughts on “Cardinal Alencherry calls for peace, composure

  1. It was a blessing to interview HE Cardinal George Alencherry mid June at Mt St Thomas.. I was curious also because of all that I had read about him.. With much prayers I wanted to meet “the priest” who God had “set apart and consecrated”.. I cannot Thank God enough for the blessing.. 🙂

    I found a warm and down-to-earth person, a humble priest brimming and over-flowing with the Holy-Spirit, so filled and soaked with Lord Jesus, so strong for evangelization.. We did 3 sessions (Goodness TV overall, two Malayalam and one English) one after another and nothing could tire His Eminence Cardinal George Allencherry..

    There was something else that I found similar with those who work in the vineyard of Lord Jesus, their persecution from the world NEVER EVER ceases 🙂 And that seemed to be the case with this very simple worker, so rich and enriched with the philosophies n theologies of the faith..

    I was singing my thanks to God for the chance to have met with him and for the experience of his presence.. Much prayers and lots of love continue for all in our Church – The Church of Christ on mission in the world.

  2. The priest of Erankulam is discontented with the arch bishop as he is from the Oriental background. They are playing cheap politics by exploiting the sentiments of the people.
    Let the court decided if Cardinal is at fault.

  3. I feel that the Vatican has erred in reinstating the cardinal when there are so many cases pending against him.

  4. MONEY CORRUPTS MINDS! THE CORRUPT-MINDS CORRUPT MISSION!! This is clearly seen in the Syro-Malabar Church. My humble opinion is that the Cardinal should step down and wait to occupy his seat UNTIL he is given a clean chit by the local courts, his priests and the people. May the Holy Spirit inspire him to do so!

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