Church synod discuss administration issues

Syro Malabar Church headquarters at Kakkanad, Kochi

KOCHI, July 6: The first permanent Synod of the Syro-Malabar Church after the reinstatement of Cardinal Mar George Alencherry as the administrative Archbishop of the Ernakulam-Angamaly archdiocese was in Kochi on July 5.

The Synod session, convened at the headquarters of the Church, St Thomas Mount, Kakkanad, which began at 3 pm, evaluated the present situation prevailing in the Church. Sources said instructions have been given to Fr Puthiyedath and Chancellor Fr Pollayil to look into administration and other issues of the archdiocese.

There was no official communique from the Church on the proceedings of the Synod. “The Cardinal will remain as the primary head of the administration and these two priests will be next in command on behalf of the head of the archdiocese. The exact directions and instructions given to them by the synod are unknown,” said a priest belonging to the archdiocese.

Bishop Joseph Kallarangat attended the permanent synod in place of former apostolic administrator Bishop Jacob Manathodath, who could not attend the meeting as he is in Rome. The permanent synod consists of its president, Cardinal Alencherry,  Bishop Andrews Thazhath, Bishop Mathew Moolakkatt, Bishop Manathodath and Bishop George Njaralakkat.

Meanwhile, laity organisation ‘Save Syro Malabar Forum’ submitted two letters for the consideration of the permanent synod. “The letters demanded that the Church implement the inter-diocese transfer of priests so that priests will not stay in one diocese and unite to rebel as happened in the case of Ernakulam-Angamaly Archdiocese,” said Kennedy Karimbinkalayil, convenor of the forum.

Bishop Joseph Kallarangat attended the permanent synod in place of former apostolic administrator Bishop Jacob Manathodath.



source: Indian Express

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1 thought on “Church synod discuss administration issues

  1. If the diocesan priests are not obeying very Rev Fr.mani and so on real law of the church will come in effect. The bishops and cardinals spiritual matters and laymen (ex-IAS, IPS and other private successful managers of good character will be given this posts.mpriests will learn what is their purpose and rights and duties….

    Transfer of priests is not to be invented, even now it is canonically possible for better pastoral reasons, priests can change dioceses and congregations. Giving such general openness only will increase their human faculty of belongingness and commitment. Like religious priests…. It will increase criminal behavabour, because when serious cases or alagation on a religious priests happens they transfer the guy to germany Africa, America, northia etc. This will happen in dioceses too. It is fooling suggestion of the save syromalabar forum.
    In cases Eranakulam priests want to opt any other diocese for their better pastoral activities they should be given free option for it. It might save some priestly life.

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