Movie with Shane: Spiderman: Far From Home

By Shane Alliew

Running at 129 minutes, Joh Watts (Spiderman: Homecoming, 2017) directed Spiderman: Far From Home is the sequel to the aforesaid film. It should not be viewed as one which has been released after Avengers: Endgame, even though the opening credits pay rich tributes to Tony Stark (love you 3000), but rather as an independent Spiderman franchise.

Whilst on a school trip to Europe, teenager Peter Parker/ Spiderman (Tom Holland) is recruited by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) to face the Elements, who have already created havoc and destruction – Mexico and now Italy. On both occasions, Mysterio has been able to establish himself as the hero of the day, whilst spidey boy struggles with the ghosts of the past and future – Tony’s death and professing his feelings of love for MJ (Zendaya), his classmate.

This is precisely where, I find the plot loose and know that Marvels fans may accuse me to the extent crucify me, on the grounds that I may be a spy for DC, yet I assure you, I am but a critic, merely holding up the mirror of reality – films are meant for entertainment and when franchises stretch productions like a rubber band, they are bound to turn bitter like an over-chewed gum ball.

The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter had one common aim – it voyaged viewers along a journey and we quite enjoyed the same, yet what new does spidey have to offer us? Its teenage heartbreaks, crushes, holidays, CGI thrills and then what?

The film lacks the essential plot – a gripping story and some solid introspection. But what am I to expect? It’s not a The Killing of a Sacred Deer or a Brokeback Mountain, where we have drama – this is drama of a different kind – exaggerated and quite predictable.

Amidst the twists and turns in a maze of action sequences, there are betrayals to be discovered, spidey’s identity to be worked out and… tada… a virtual world to be fought it… flowing into the real in due course of the film.

I mean if Marvel sought to produce a high-school love essay, they should have gone The Fault in Our Stars way, but this…questionable and not so generous.

Well, final verdict – worth a watch if you are one of those real die-hard spidey fans, or because there may not be something more engaging to watch, otherwise an online cam version (not suggested – copy write laws) would do.

Rating: 2.5/5

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