Catholic archbishop commends Jain leader’s renunciation

By C V Joseph

Bengaluru, August 13, 2019: Archbishop Peter Machado of Bangalore has commended a Jain religious leader for his “complete renunciation, hard work, life style” in the modern techno-centric world.

Archbishop Machado met Acharya Mahashramanji, supreme head of Jain Śvētāmbara Terapanth sect, on August 9 as part of the Church’s efforts to reach out to members of other religions.

The acharya’s “life is amazing and it is a great challenge and inspiration to all who meet him. His value-based life is remarkable and is worth imbibing,” said the archbishop.

He urged the Jain leader to collaborate with others to build a different world which is “One but Many: One family, many races; One truth, many paths; One heart, many complexions; One light, many reflections; One world, many imperfections. All amalgamated into One. We are all one, but many.”

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