Denied Indian citizenship: Nun set to return to Spain

Sister Enedina

By Matters India Reporter

Berhampur, August 18, 2019: Daughter of Charity Sister Enedina, a-98-year-old Spanish national, is set to return to her home country after 48 years of service in Odisha as her application seeking Indian citizenship was declined.

She graduated in MBBS from a medical college, Madrid, Spain’s capital, in 1959 and worked a few months in a nursing home there.

In 1969 she came to Berhampur, Odisha, and opened a dispensary to cater to the healthcare needs of local people while residing at St. Vincent’s Convent.

After five years of stay in Berhampur, in 1971 she was assigned to Mohana in Gajapati district of the same state. One of her primary concerns was to visit rural villages and provide medical care to poor Dalit and Tribal people and the like. She also began a health center and Nirmala Girls’ High School in the Mohana.

Speaking of the nun’s great contribution to the local people, Vincentian Father Naresh Nayak, said, “A true Daughter of Charity of St. Vincent De Paul. The people of Odisha will never forget her love and service.”

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2 thoughts on “Denied Indian citizenship: Nun set to return to Spain

  1. The notable philonthrepic work is to be revered by our bius gevernment. Other wise they do not have Dr. They do not serve the patient s.

  2. While saluting this person’s great services to the nation one cannot but ask why she took so long to apply for citizenship? Also let us not forget that during the Emergency Indira Gandhi sent many foreign missionaries back, including Rev Zeitler SVD from Bombay airport itself. She even wanted a say in the appointment of bishops.

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