Against the Tide … 47 Men …


The book gives the reader a good picture of the aspirations and struggles of a native Goan in the colonial Portuguese era in Goa.
If anyone, like myself have thought that people of Goa were happy under the Portuguese colonizers, perhaps we are not so right. As far back as 1787, a team of patriots worked in the shadow to oust the Portuguese from Goa.

The story revolves around a team of zealous and intelligent priests, young and not so young, who though given privileged priestly training in Portugal and Italy, were yearning for the freedom of their homeland. In fact their education helped them understand better the yoke of slavery. In fact they were an enlightened lot!

As we turn the pages of the book we get a glimpse into the “racist” discrimination the native Goans experienced in their own land as well as in Portugal. However qualified the natives were promotions and high positions in work and society evaded them. In short, the system under Portuguese rule did not offer the natives an atmosphere for growth.

The enlightened revolutionary priests succeeded to arouse in some prominent natives the spirit of freedom and to pursue in achieving it.The idea that was formed in Portugal,travelled to India through a crowded Portuguese Ship that offered little comfort to the Indian passengers. The long voyage for the revolutionary priest, in the company of a good friend was both a soil for the growth and for the empowerment of the passion for freedom.

Join them in their fight for freedom.

Would they succeed? Or Would they be martyred?

The beautiful style and language of the author , propels the reader to continue reading once you open the book.

Author: Sushila Fonseca, pp 159, Rs 390.00, 2019
Available at; Pauline Book & Media Centre, 18 June Road, Panjim, Goa.
WhatsApp: 7588901924

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