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Indian solves centuries-old algebraic riddle 

Unnikrishnan Thekkappat

Thrissur: An Indian academic has solved a mathematical problem that has eluded solution for more than 350 years.

Unnikrishnan Thekkappat, a research fellow in Thrissur, Kerala, has finally solved Fermat’s Last Theorem through a simple way in algebra.

The 33-year-old youth from Kerala University of Veterinary and Animal Science has has published his new finding in the IOSR Journal of Mathematics, an international open-access journal.

According to the mathematics fraternity, Thekkappat’s finding is outstanding.

In a paper presented recently and subsequently sent for publication, he claimed to have proved what was unknown for several years. Through a simple way in algebra, he solved the theorem by making appropriate variations.

A three-page theorem titled “Finding Numbers Satisfying the Condition an+bn=cn” was published in the journal’s July-August issue, reported The New Indian Express.

Ten years ago, when Unnikrishnan was a student, the Indian Science Congress rejected the same finding.

He said that in 1637 French mathematician Pierre de Fermat quoted this theorem in the margin of the Book of Mathematica that he was reading.

“But as there wasn’t enough space in the margin, he couldn’t write it down completely. Though it looks easy and simple, the scientists were not able to solve this theory even after three centuries. For quite a long time, this theorem remained a bitter taste in the minds of scientists” the Indian added.

“I am happy to present this theory to the world outside. I hope the universities will accept my theory. I wish they will soon add it to their mathematics syllabi,” he said.